An Interactive document holding device

Mantra’s new Interactive Creator, called AID, adds audio, video and interactivity to your paper-based resources at the touch of a finger!

Take any A4 / A3 paper - photocopying paper will do - decide on a theme, for example French songs (see picture).

Write the names, in any order and style across the paper and draw pictures, then place on AID and touch.  You will hear the songs played back, instantly.  Touch and Listen; Why not add a video link to the song title and now you are able to Touch Listen & See!

Total Flexibility to your Creativity!


How does it work? AID contains a grid, very similar to Battleships, with ABC…on one side and 123…on the other. You link your audio or video recordings to each cell and then place your paper on top and simply touch the area with your finger to hear the recordings. As simple as that! You can use any pictures, graphs, photos, drawings, pdfs from the web … to create your class resources. Children can create their own project work and add audio & video to make A4 and A3 fully interactive paper-based school work. You can use pdfs on a particular project such as the water cycle by printing the picture and then recording facts for your students to listen. Students can also record their own information onto the paper and even include video or music to create a rich project.

AID is ideal for dyslexic learners, reluctant learners, kinaesthetic, visual and aural learners, blind and partially sighted... It suits individual and group learning.

Fully portable  no wires A3 tablet

Price:  £199.00 + vat

Special Launch offer: £180.00 + vat

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