Want to build sound into any book? What about teaching materials like posters or 3-D objects? 

Introducing CreateLINK software, which lets you sound enable ANY book, poster or object. It works by using PENpal with our recordable stickers. CreateLINK links each sticker with a sound recording such as narration, music, and sound effects. Each sticker has its own unique identity.  On a simple spreadsheet, the numbered stickers are listed next to a corresponding box, where you paste the MP3 recording of your choice.  

Pick and mix whichever MP3s you'd like, whether labeling objects in a classroom in French,  bringing sound to a favourite book, or transferring an entire CD collection to a single page.


Here are some other examples:

  • Labeling drawers to teach children where to put away folded clothing. 
  • Labeling objects in the home for people with visual impairments.
  • Adding sound effects to a story book (like a rainstorm or a family dog barking.)
  • Recording lullabyes for young children.
  • Converting books with audio CDs so as to synchronise the reading/listening experience.
  • Labeling household objects in a new language.
  • Labeling maps, charts and diagrams to improve the student learning experience.

Create link software compiles all the files onto your PENpal when you press “Transfer to Pen.” You then stick the stickers wherever you'd like. When the Penpal touches the sticker, you will hear the corresponding recording. Simple. 

These recordings can only be changed or re-recorded online, so there is no danger of accidentally erasing them.  

That said, others can add and change their own recordings on the same stickers without changing or deleting your original content. This can be done with the PENpal, can be changed with the PENpal, and does not require going online or using a spreadsheet. So much more is possible with the personalised, multi-modal learning that CreateLINK offers.   

Learn, grow, and move to the next level.  Get to know CreateLINK.