Minibook Creator

The MiniBook creator allows students to create and publish personalised PENpal enabled resources from scratch. Children can let their imaginations run wild with this simple and easy-to-use software.

First, students fill the pages of their book with text and images and print onto Storyfold Audio Paper. Then PENpal users can record and re-record their own narrative straight onto the pages of their book. Use the MiniBook creator to make talking mini-books, talking flashcards, talking signs, talking invitations and anything else ! There is no limit to the number of times resources can be re-recorded, the MiniBook creator is endlessly adaptable. 

Ideal for MFL and EAL students alike, the MiniBook creator allows students to develop their language skills and build vocabulary using their own visual resources.

Pack (PENpal + software + paper) £80.00+vat

Software £30.00+vat

Paper (150 sheets) £20.00+vat

This paper can also be used with Mantra's interactive e-books. They all include a storyfold system which allows the user to design and create small picture books. If you print the books onto storyFold paper then they will also be PENpal enabled. This means that you can write, illustrate and narrate your own book.