YouCreate is a fantastically diverse software that enables both children and teachers to make their own talking products. From books to posters, calendars and maps, YouCreate reaches right across the curriculum and is a great resource for individual or group work.

The software is extremely simple to use and is downloadable to both Mac and PC. Add your own audio, text, images - there is no limit to your creativity and every project will be individual to you and your class. Why not record the preperations for your class' Harvest Festival into a book? Or make a Talking Map to show where your class have been on holiday.

YouCreate not only enables you to make personalised talking resources, but you can also choose to customise a range of pre-made publications should you prefer. Teachers can even create dual language books for EAL learners or rewrite stories in any language as a useful MFL resource.

Children at both KS2 and KS3 level will benefit from being able to combine a number of skills together, from writing concisely to editing images, narrating audio and sound editing. This also makes all your YouCreate products an effective assessment tool.

There is even the option of creating an e-version of any publications you make. Easily send files by email to share your special memories as a class, from school trips to projects and assemblies.

Scroll through below to see examples of some of the fantastic resources that have been made. Each publication is unique and completely personalisable to your class.






Simply download the easy to use software, choose your format, (books, calendars, posters…) add your own pictures and text in any language and have it printed with the sound spots in place. This will enable PENpal to play back your recordings within your publication.

Parents can order Youcreate products too, to keep a record of their child's work. Parents order, pay by credit card, and the book is delivered directly to them. A 20 page sound enabled softback, full colour book would cost £15.00 of which £0.50 goes to your school. You won't have to encounter the problems of delivery or collecting payments.


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