LinguaTALK English

LinguaTALK English 1 & 2

The LinguaTALK English 1 & 2 provides much more than the average language learning pack.

The multi-modal, multimedia resource contains talking books, talking posters, talking flash cards, toys, e-books and software, providing teachers with endless opportunities for creative teaching, and enable them to enhance and accelerate pupils' learning. Give pupils structured and interactive learning with award winning Talking Phonics Sets, Graded Readers, Collaborative Learning activities, Literacy Toolkits for story-writing, and interactive talking books in English dual language, which all work using the portable, low maintenance PENpal. Additionally provided are interactive e-picture books with extensive activities for grammar - including instructions in English and 15 other languages.

LinguaTALK gives teachers complete flexibility: to either follow structured learning and/or to design their own content or chose appropriate resources from our free library, with particular focus on collaborative learning. Pupils will enjoy working in pairs or groups to complete activities and games; teachers will enjoy stimulating this atmosphere in the classroom.

Our technology additionally focuses on meshing with different learning styles, and provides auditory, visual and kinaesthetic clues to stimulate pupils. Teachers can make their own talking notes, set case study activities, build on story-telling and make action cards which will progress knowledge and understanding as well as allowing pupils to learn through self-direction.


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