LinguaTALK French and Spanish

Presenting LinguaTALK French and Spanish: a multi-sensory structured language learning course for either French or Spanish including 31 sound-enabled A3 laminated charts to use with PENpal. Help pupils progress from word to phrase to sentence levels easily with the help of interactive activities, specifically designed to engage all areas of learning.

An unique selling point to this course is that the audio content is narrated by native speakers. This is very beneficial in helping pupils to learn correct pronunciation and intonation and adds a level of authenticity, not possible with computer-generated voices. LinguaTALK French and Spanish is an ideal resource for teachers who are not language specialists, as it gives them the confidence and support they need.

Each of the 31 charts can be explored with PENpal, so a range of vocabulary on topics such as 'Classroom Objects' and 'The High Street' can be heard. Pupils can even test themselves by playing the interactive games.

LinguaTalk promotes both pupil independence and collaborative learning and makes language learning an exciting experience.

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