Sometimes old Windows machines fail to recoganise the the PenPAL and give message as an unrecoganised USB device has been attached. In this case please contact your System Administrator. He might need to update the PC drivers or the chipset .


Check that the PENpal is switched on. If yes, most probably it needs a boost charge. Charge for 1.5hours and try again. The way to charge is take the usb cable and link the pen to a PC or Mac. The computer will charge the pen in maximum 1.5 hours. If you connect to a wall plug suitable to accept a usb port, the charging time is 1 hour. An hours charge will run the pen on our continuous run testing system for at least 3 hours at the rate of one sound syllable spoken 50 times per minute - ie you will be touching a sound spot over and over again 50 times a minute for at least 3 hours!
If, in the unlikely event the pen is still not working, please contact us on 0208 44 55 123 or 0044 208 4455123 and ask for tech support or email info@mantralingua.com

The power button doubles up as a volume control button. Press the power up button for 3 seconds and the pen will either switch on or off. Press the power on/off button quickly and the volume will increase to a minimum and then, on continued clicking, will decrease to a minimum.

Yes, the pen will run on normal AAA batteries but in the longer run this is an expensive route, not only for your pocket but for the environment.

This varies from battery make to battery make. The Energiser batteries which come with the PENpal will recharge without deterioration for 500 times.
One charge will last between 3 to 5 hours continuous usage - tapping a sound spot at the rate of 50 taps a minute for 3 to 5 hours.

If you do not use the PENpal it will stay charged for up to 10 days, but we recommend giving it a booster charge for 45minutes before use. Connect the PENpal via usb cable to a computer and it will charge fully in about 1.5hours if using rechargeable batteries. If you use earphones the charge will stay a very long time. The main power drainage is from using the speakers. Even then, if you continuously tap a sound spot at the rate of 50 taps per minute, the pen will drain in between 3 to 5 hours!

You do not have to let the pen charge out to nil voltage. You can always recharge since the pen will charge up to 1.42v maximum.

You should charge for a maximum of 1.5hrs and a minimum of 1 hour using a computer with the usb cable provided. This should give you about 4 to 6 hours of usage depending on the volume setting and frequency of hitting sound spots. With a computer and USB connection this should be 2 hours (ot 1 hours if you have an ac adaptor).