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Create Link Pro Publishing is a powerful software tool that enables the user to take any MP3 file, assign it to paper and then play it using Mantra Lingua's PENpal technology. Sound enable all your favourite books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Augustus and his Smile, or make your own talking posters and calendars. You can add narrations, music, sound effects - there is no limit to how creative you can be.

CreateLINK Pro offers practitioners and pupils an innovative solution for the adaptation of printed content, with high-quality audio. Teachers could, for example, use the software to make a sound trail, create talking labels for classroom objects or even make personalised talking posters to display around school. Children can then use the PenPAL to add their own recordings to the sound spots. Bring the classroom to life!

The user simply picks a project type from a list on the software and then allocates an audio file to each available soundspot. When all the audio files have been linked, the file is quickly and easily transferred from their computer to PenPAL. Once added, it cannot be erased unless the user links PenPAL back to the software, meaning there is no issue of your hard work being accidentally deleted.

CreateLink Pro is an enhanced edition of CreateLink and contains many more features and functions. For example, CreateLink Pro allows the user to create up to 50 audio files for use with PenPAL and includes the option for you to make your own talking posters, calendars, photo books as well as existing book titles.

The software is installed via a self-extracting utility and contains a comprehensive, context-related help system to guide a user through the major features of the software.