Mantra’s Talking Tactile technology transforms posters and  books to tactile and audio interactive resources - for visually impaired pupils and children with learning difficulties.

This pioneering technology is the first of its kind in the world.

Launching a new series of Tactile Talk picture books and posters.

The Tactile Talk Technology lets printed material speak and raised relief areas of 250 microns enable users to navigate across the pages.  The Illustrations in the books are raised so that pupils can feel their way around them.  Then, touching the illustrations with PENpal or PENfriend pupils can hear narrations and sounds that enrich the story. As with all our TalkingPEN titles, users can record their voices directly onto any soundspot.

“The tactile sound-enabled resources are fantastic. For visually impaired students, being able to map what they feel to what they hear can help with comprehension enormously.”
Alison Futerman, Speech and Language therapist, RNIB Sunshine House School


Tactile Talk MAP of EU – introduces the countries of Europe. It is the first in a series of maps using PENpal or PENfriend.

Each country has its borders raised so that the user can detect it with their fingers. Then touch within the borders with PENpal or PENfriend and hear 9 key facts about each country. Information on capitals, languages spoken, mountains, rivers, population and other points of interest are narrated as well as questions to test your knowledge!


“I know there is a country called Germany but don’t know if it is below France or above England.”
RNIB member


Tactile Talk HUMAN ORGANS: 

This Tactile Talk poster introduces children to organs in the body and their functions. There are also two Levels of activities to reinforce knowledge and to assess whether salient points have been grasped! For example, in Activity 1, the question is asked: “Touch the muscles.” If the answer is correct, PENpal will say: “Very good. Now can you find the kidneys?” If the answer is incorrect, PENpal will say “No, that’s not the kidneys, try again.” In Activity 2 which tests the pupil’s understanding of the functions of the different organs, the question is asked: “Which organ is for pumping blood around the body?” If the answer is correct, PENpal says: "Yes, the heart, Yes, that’s right". If your answer is wrong, the pen says "No that’s not right. Try again”.

A3 poster on plastic

£7.50 plus vat




Learn the names of the elements and explanations about the important ones. See how scientists categorise them into groups and periods using their atomic properties, and how the electrons in an element’s atom affect its reactivity. There are questions to test your knowledge.

A3 poster on plastic

£10.50 plus vat



Tactile Talk Calculator:

The audio calculator is printed on a sheet of plastic that can be rolled, washed or even folded away. The numbers are printed black on a white background and have a transparent embossed raised area against each number. The boundaries around a number are raised for easy identification. Hear inputs and outputs spoken instantly with PENpal. The calculator can do all the usual functions and has a memory.

Size: 15cm x 15cm on plastic

£10.00 plus vat





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