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viVOS, the device that redefines paper!


Introducing Mantra Lingua's viVOS, the device that lets you play audio and video from paper!

When any sheet of paper with drawings, graphs, mindmaps, text or tables is placed on viVOS it links the paper to audio and video files using the viVOS software suite. The paper 'document' can be single or multi-page, can be a scrapbook with objects stuck on for tactility, can use paint or crayons, or can be a photocopy from a book - there are no limitations. Just touch a user defined 'hotspot' with your finger and automatically the audio or video will play back.

ViVOS brings written information to life with audio and video, easily.

ViVOS is suitable for students and teachers, companies and institutions. Students can collate information on a topic in a creative way without being halted by complex technology or software. Teachers can make their own content or use Sharelink, our ever exapnding online library of ready-made curriculum based content. Topics cover English, Science, Maths, Computing, Languages etc. Organisations find viVOS handy at meetings, recording what is being said while note taking. Also for concept drawing, problem framing, technical diagrams, mind mapping. The large format is ideal for groups, pairs or individuals, and the design ensures that several viVOS's can be nested and charged from a single power source.

ViVOS is intuitive and needs no training.

The web is full of very good learning content, much of which is free. Images, audio MP3, videos and, of course, the 'tube after the name of a character'. An education challenge is how to collate information on a certain topic-  gathering, selecting, omitting, sequencing - and then to express it in a linked and coherent way with good design. 'Information' is thereby transformed into 'knowledge' and 'understanding'.

ViVOS stretches the boundary of possibilities, easily.

Specification:  viVOS comes with 8GB of memory which can hold over 500 hours of audio. All video files are stored on the computer which is wirelessly connected to viVOS. Dongle supplied. Audio ports for earphones or power speakers, mic port if higher quality recordings are wanted. Built in speakers and microphone.  viVOS is made in the UK and designed for schools. We wanted a device extremely strong - it should withstand falls from 1.5m without cracking. The answer was structural foam moulding in high impact ABS. The design was intentionally kept very simple: "make it look like a picture frame, not an electronic gizmo!" was the recommendation given to the UK designers. There is an easy but aesthetic feel about it.

ViVOS users point touch listen see – a natural learning technique discovered at birth!

A fantastic resource for all learners in the classroom, from kinaesthetic, oral, visual to read/write. Speed, spontaneity, experimentation are key words related to each learning style. For example, a teacher wanted some rhymes in French for his students. He searched 'free french rhymes' on the web, listened and selected, then downloaded. He designed an A3 sheet with the titles, drew very rough and ready pictures and placed the transparent grid (free with viVOS) over his artwork. He then made a note of the 'battleship grid cells' - (everyone's played 'battleships') and compiled them into one viVOS file through viVOS software. The whole process took about 15 minutes. After class he filed the drawing in his ring binder, ready for next year!

Everyone experiences the problems of storing information on a computer using 'bookmarks'. If you have over 100 bookmarks, managing them or retrieving the one you want is a challenge. And isn't the layout boring?

viVOS is a much quicker, more attractive, more cross-linked knowledge storing system than 'bookmarks' on the web.

A buyer was exploring purchasing printers for school. Every manufacturer and every distributor had their own websites. Using viVOS, she compiled all websites on one piece of paper, made written and voice recorded notes on each, updating them with every conversation, scratching out if a supplier was not appropriate. What easier way to keep track of all her effort and time!

viVOS saves time and is a great memory aid.

Specification: A3 maximum paper size, paper quality can be any photocopying paper, 8GB memory, device dimensions 55cm by 42cm by 2.5cm, 1.5Kgs,  rechargeable batteries, built in microphone and speakers, audio, microphone and USB ports, wirefree dongle, USB cable. viVOS Software Suite for defining hotspots, sharing creations, etc. A3 Transparent Polypropylene grid for quick referencing, high impact strength structural foam ABS, water resistant.

Costs: A single unit costs $600, a classroom 5 unit pack costs $2500, a multi-class pack 20 units cost $10,000.

Launch: viVOS will be available from 31 March 2014. Please register your interest below and we will be offering a 15% discount. We will email you about the launch and the offer (applies to individuals, schools, libraries and museums.)

Distributors: Please fill in the form below is you wish to discuss this further. We are looking for distributors in UK and international.

Patent: viVOS is patent protected.

Brand Name: viVOS is registered. It means "bringing to life" in Portuguese. viVOS brings data and information to life!


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