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Basic of PenPAL
What is talkingpen?

Sita gives intro about the latest PenPAL.

Recording on Mantra Lingua Teacher labels
Recording on Mantra Lingua Student Labels
Basic of PenPAL
TalkingPEN How does it work?
Youcreate   YouTube

Learn how to use YouCreate to create your own books or posters.

Charging your PenPAL
TalkingPEN received What next - FreeLINK
How to change Language?
How to download audio?
What is audio files?

Use of PENpal

Use of PENpal with EAL students


Use of PENpal with Different Subject Areas
Enter the Magical World of PENpal

PENpal is the next generation of TalkingPEN. Easier to use, re-chargeable and with a 4GB memory, it replaces the...

Use of PENpal with Special Educational Needs Children


Use of PENpal with Recordable Stickers


PENpal to use with Early years children



Talking Pens review

Neena Patel recommends a pen that scans words and phrases from different subjects and translates them into speech in up to 15 languages. Teachers...

PENpal Fosters ELL Oral Language Development

Assessing Fluency
Parent Involvement-Fluency-Vocabulary-Comprehension
Fluency Part 1
Fluency Part 2
Intro to Mantra Lingua and 5 Key Elements of Reading Instruction
Learning Center Activities
Oral Language Development  and Assessment 1
Oral Language Development  and Assessment 2
Phonics magnets Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
Student and Class Created Writing


Collaborative Learning - Mantralingua Partnership


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