About Us

Mantra Lingua is a UK based publisher of award winning multilingual education resources. We provide innovative, user-friendly solutions to the specific challenges facing teachers and students within the classroom, and at home. Our patented PENpal technology supports EAL, MFL and SEN students in particular and is also proving invaluable in the mainstream school market. PENpal brings sound to paper based resources such as books, posters and stickers.   The interactive audio visual products combine illustration, sound and gaming and are suitable for different learning styles. While published material increasingly moves away from print, Mantra Lingua believes that when combined with audio, printed resources including books, posters, panels and stickers can take learning beyond the screen. Print resources can be easily used anytime, anywhere, with audio technology adding a new layer of 21st century innovation. 

Primarily known for its popular multi-lingual resources, Mantra Lingua offers more than 50 titles in 52 dual language editions, with more than 700 complementary audio files. As such, it is the world’s largest publisher of dual language books.

We have offices in London and Chicago (www.mantralingua.co.uk/usa) as well as partners and distributors around the world. Partners in Sweden, Norway, USA; Distributors in Australia, Canada, France, USA. Our web presence is everywhere.

Mantra Lingua has four divisions: Education (which this website refers to), Museums and Heritage Houses (www.discoverypen.co.uk), Blind and Partially Sighted and Bird Watching (www.birdvoice.net). Education contributes to about 40% of our turnover.

We have been established since 2002 and have strong links with UK Schools and Nurseries. We started by producing multi-cultural books and broadened to dual language books and posters. (We are the world’s largest publisher of bilingual books.) Over the past 5 years we have been developing technological products, culminating in the PENpal, resulting in us producing the world’s largest range of printed books that talk.  Touch a page of an English/Polish dual language book with PENpal and listen to the text spoken in Polish or English. Readers can also record their onto every page of the book.

Our aim this year is to expand into the much neglected “World Books” arena to give children a wider world perspective. At the same time, we have developed the tools for schools and teachers to make their own audio enabled books. With our current technology, ANY book can easily be adapted to allow audio recordings using the PENpal and recordable stickers.

multicultural... multilingual... printed talking resources... self publishing tools for audio based paper resources. We are always adapting to new challenges and see ourselves as publishers with a strong technological side.