5 PENpal Pack

5 PENpal Pack


One of the big uses for PENpal enabled publications is Groupwork. Therefore we have a PENpal Value pack that saves you money off buying 5 individual PENpals. You get 500 free recordable labels, and of course free access to the Software to extend the use of PENpal in your classroom. Alternately, the 5 Pen Pack could be used to separate languages or topics. Once again the teacher feels in control with the confidence that pens are not overloaded with too many languages for it to scroll through.

The value pack contains 5 PENpals, 100 recordable labels, 5 usb cables and rechargeable batteries.
It is very good value for money as 1 PENpal costs 125USD.

5 PENpals+accessories 600USD.


750 g
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