The Biscuit Moon

The Biscuit Moon Albanian

The Biscuit Moon


From award-winning illustrator Jesús Gabán and skilled writer Jesús Zatón comes Biscuit Moon, here in a bilingual retelling by Mantra Lingua.

The sun is incredibly hot, and Buffalo searches for water and food. As the sun sets, he discovers a valuable pool of water, and in it there is a huge, white biscuit moon! But Lion is also hungry and thirsty, and the two animals spark a fight that involves all the other animals... except for the greedy Vulture, and wise little Squirrel. Will Buffalo and Lion realise their foolish ways, or let their greed and anger win?

The story is told in present tense, making it perfect for EAL students, and new arrivals, who may also recognise their own life-experience in the narrative.

Every page is sound-enabled for Mantra Lingua's TalkingPENs which narrate the story in English and other languages. The Biscuit Moon is a great starting-point for discussing deep topics with your pupils, like climate change,
migration, and inter-relations.
Jesús Zatón
Jesús Gabán
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