Classroom Pen

Classroom Pen


ClassroomPEN is the newest member of our TalkingPEN family. ClassroomPEN needs no wires and connects by Bluetooth to external speakers. It can do everything that PENpal can, with the advantage of wireless connectivity to speakers. It enables you to bring sound to your whole class or setting. Like PENpal, it can read over 1400 books, interactive charts and posters, and record/play back on our labels.

With the ClassroomPEN, like PENpal, you can make your own recordings of the pupils as evidence for tracking and assessment of their oracy and listening skills. You can record your own voice, sounds, music, and much more.

ClassroomPEN can also double up as a loud speaker. You can talk to the whole class or setting without straining your voice!

And that is not all. ClassroomPEN comes with easy-to-use software, FREE.

Remember, like PENpal you can use FreeLINK software to add more audio files for your PENenabled books (Note that ClassroomPEN is not compatible with Chromebooks. Audio files must be transferred from a Windows PC or Mac).

To sound-enable any book, be it your favourite book or a prescribed text, use CreateLINK to make your recordings permanent and shareable.

When you purchase a ClassroomPEN or a PENpal, you also get access to a free course with plenty of instruction-videos and notes, so you can make the most of your pens and get started quickly. 

Warranty Information

900 g
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