Hungry Caterpillar

Hungry Caterpillar


'In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf…'

This is the very famous story of a very small and very hungry caterpillar.

Eric Carle's best-selling children's classic needs little in the way of introduction. Adored by children, parents, and teachers the world over, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' is now available in eight dual language editions. Already a favourite on most bookshelves, this timeless tale is versatile enough to be used in the classroom, and enjoyed at home. Following the caterpillar's transformation will help early readers to memorise the days of the week, to develop counting skills, and to expand their vocabulary skills, as the very hungry caterpillar chomps his way through apples, lollipops, Swiss cheese, and pickles.

Now you can add audio to your book with PENpal and recordable labels. Attach a label to each page, and with PENpal, ask a parent, older child, or community leader to record the spoken Gujarati language directly onto the label. Then a child or Teaching Assistant need just touch the label to play back. To preserve the recording so that it cannot be accidentally overwritten, you may wish to use the CreateLINK programme from our website.  Now this popular book can be read aloud in languages that a child can understand even though they may not be able to read.

Eric Carle
Eric Carle
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