Interactive ELL Bilingual Common Core Foundational Skills Kits

Interactive ELL Bilingual Common Core Foundational Skills Kits

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English Language Learners will delight as Mantra Lingua’s robust audio PENpal brings to life all of the wonderful resources in this kit.  Alignment with Common Core Standards including Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Fluency, Phonics, and Word Recognition make this kit an essential part of every classroom with ELL students.  Simply touch the PENpal to the pages and hear the pages read aloud in both English and the other language.  As an added feature, use the PENpal and recordable labels to make your own audio books, differentiate instruction, record students for assessments and learning center instructions. This incredible kit will amaze teachers and students alike!

  1. Rechargeable audio PENpal works with all the resources in this kit.  It holds 240 hours of recordings.
  2. Talking Phonics Magnets are a great way to teach children the correct pronunciation of each phoneme. Children and teachers can create over 500 word combinations using108 magnets and hear the sounds they have built by touching the magnets with the PENpal.
  3. Bilingual Talking Dictionary features 650 thematically arranged words.  Simply touch the word with the PENpal and hear it spoken in either English or the other language.
  4. Oral Reading Progress Records allow teachers to save an oral record of a student’s reading samples over time to monitor progress. Teachers can record their observations directly onto the sheet. Allow students to self-assess and self-correct their reading samples. Share audio recordings with other teachers and students’ family members to showcase language development progress.
  5. Recordable Teacher and Student Labels add flexibility to the PENpal and allow students and teachers to record their own audio narrations and instructions bringing sound to nearly any existing classroom resource.  Use for ELL assessments, reluctant speakers and students with special needs. Each label is re-recordable and holds one hour of recording.
  6. Bilingual Talking 5 book set features an array of fables, folk tales and contemporary stories that are read aloud in both languages using the PENpal.  These valuable resources support cultural diversity in any classroom.

Urdu - Farmer Duck, Giant Turnip, Goldilocks, Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat, Sports Day in the Jungle,

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