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Thumbelina Story Prop Cards
The children's classic Thumbelina has been made into Story Prop Cards. A woman desperately wants a child. A wise woman gives her a seed from which grows a beautiful flower. In the flower sits a tiny, thumb-sized girl. But one day, Thumbelina is kidnapped by a toad from her walnut-shell bed. From now on, Thumbelina has to endure many dangers, before she can fly on the back of a swallow to a far-off beautiful country, to find her flower prince. A fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen about beauty, self-confidence, and last-minute rescue. Thumbelina Kamishibai Story Props, used together with the Kamishibai stage, take one of the most well-known stories, and use its familiar images to encourage children to re-tell the story, develop their vocabulary, confidence, and social skills.
All our story props come in reusable grip seal bags for easy storage and retrieval.

Audio-enable your story prop cards with our recordable labels and talking pens. Use the labels to record as you go through each card, and capture the pupils' comments and your own narration of events. The talking pens will save your recordings so you can listen to them later, and show other teachers or parents what you've been up to!

*This product has an information card which is in German, provided by early education publishers Don Bosco. The images themselves are without text and can be used for any audience, speaking any language.

Hans Christian Andersen
Petra Lefin
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