Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

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Lima is really hungry. In the kitchen, there's plenty of food to choose from: a hairy coconut, some shiny samosas and a plateful of sticky sweets…but nothing looks quite as enticing as the shiny red hot chilli pepper her mother told her not to eat. One big bite later and Lima's mouth is bursting with flames and exploding with fireworks.

Use these Story Prop Cards with the Storytelling Theatre Stage and encourage everyone to participate. Take away the familiar text and storytell yourself - and include the whole class! Roleplay, make-believe, co-author, appreciate social bonding, collaboration, social etiquette... the benefits are huge.

Every publication comes with thick 400gsm cards where there is a teacher’s guide with suggestions, all packed in hard-wearing, transparent, clip-shut envelopes allowing for easy storage and retrieval.

Derek Brazell
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