Our new online course, How to get the Best out of Your PENpal, ClassroomPEN and MagicPEN, will help you to add and access sound files from your books, posters and objects.

The course fee of $100.00 includes six months access to the course, any time, and you will receive a free PENpal to get you started immediately.

The course is 2 hours long, made up of 31 bite-sized lessons: How-To videos, FAQ, resources, share best practice. Teachers, TAs, Parents, Children - Join the TalkingPEN community.

Our TalkingPENs are developed for ELL, SEN, Language and Literacy. They are a vital tool to build up your digital skillset. Become an Artist, but instead of paint, your medium is sound. Add music, voice, languages, to your favourite books and posters. By the end of the course you will receive a Certificate as an Expert in adding sound to paper for language and other knowledge building.

​PENpal includes 8GB SDCard, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, USB cable, 100 recordable stickers, and plenty more... which you will appreciate on the course. Just comment on the discussion boards and join an elite group of active users, a community that shares ideas, best practices, solutions and issues. 
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