Oral Reading Records

Oral Reading Records


Have an audio record of your pupils' readings with the Oral Reading Progress Record Talking Recourse.

The Oral Reading Progress Records, with recording that can be saved for future reference, can be used in many ways:

. To have an Oral record of the pupil's reading and watch the progress week by week

. Use as evidence for assessment and support to teacher's final judgement

. To monitor and evaluate a pupil's progress throughout the year

. To determine what the pupil needs to learn next and the suitability of the text

. For pupil's to play back their readings and reflect on their progress. And parents to listen on Parents Day


There are 3 sections for each child. Oral assessments can be made as frequently as needed as the

readings can be erased and re-recorded and saved on PENpal. The pack allows teachers to record 100 pupils' oral readings.

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oral reading record
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