Talking Washable Plastic Stickers


For cans, food containers and bottle tops.

Record up to 60 minutes of audio on each sticker.

Wash and wipe clean for re-use

This product works with PENfriend, PENpal, ClassroomPEN, just touch the sticker to record.

Not suitable for dishwashers

Hygienic, no food traps


Each pack contains 25 stickers

9 Can Top Stickers 55mm diameter

12 Bottle Top Stickers 20mm diameter

4 Box Stickers 25mm x 90mm

Isbn 978 1801371162

Use with Can Caps (not included)

Penpal Instructions (Download)

  • 8GB of memory, extendable to 16GB
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries, charged in situ through the USB port
  • Washable silicone sleeve for user comfort and protection from impact
  • 100 recordable labels with 4 'Start' arrows
  • USB cable.
How does it work? PENpal is a barcode reader, with a difference: it detects 'micro' barcodes, so small that you can hardly see them, and therefore the barcodes do not ruin any artwork. The tip of the pen is a barcode reader, and when a 'soundspot' with a unique barcode is detected, PENpal plays back the audio .mp3 file associated with it.
60 g
can lid cap sticker RNIB, penfriend, labeller, keyring, key, recordable, talking pen