Recordable Sticky Labels

Recordable Sticky Labels


Making recordings with the recordable sticky labels is a revolutionary way to customise your own audio print resources easily and quickly. Make your posters, books, flash cards – any learning resource you like – come to life with sound.

You can also share your recordings with as many people as you like!

Teachers and children can record hours of audio content onto the TalkingPEN’s 4GB memory and share their recordings with others easily through the usb cable.

The recordings are linked to Talking Stickers which can also be fixed to reports, mindmaps and concept maps, drawings, photographs, toys, oral histories and timelines, interactive displays, oral diaries, exhibit trails and used for labelling. (It is this labelling feature that has made PENfriend the best-selling product for the RNIB.)

This is a fantastic way for teachers to develop differentiated resources tailored specifically to their pupils’ needs. It is also a fun way for children to build confidence in storytelling and speaking. Children can listen back to their own voices instantly and assess their progress. Recordings can be made in any language to create multi-lingual resources.

There are basically two types of labels: the majority are designed for students where the content can be overwritten as often as they like. Typically, for example, one child may have a sheet of labels which they can use for various projects and documents. The same pen could then be used with another child and there will be no duplication. On the other hand, teachers often make their own audio content which they do not want pupils to overwrite. For this they can use Teachers’ Labels that only teachers can record on. 

The Talking Stickers Resource was finalist at the international technology in education fair, BETT 2010.