Recordable Sticky Labels

Recordable Sticky Labels


Students can make their own recordings with sticky labels to customise their school work easily and quickly. Stick the labels onto pages of any book, art work, stories, projects even homework and then add your own recordings for teachers to hear and share.

Here is an example. Add voice to any book. Step 1. Stick a recordable label on every page of a picture book. With PENpal in 'record mode (red light)' make recordings on every page, label by label. all your recordings are saved in PENpal. Step 2. Any time later, with PENpal in red light mode, you can listen to your voice recordings.

Students can record hours of audio content onto the TalkingPEN’s memory and share their recordings with others easily through the usb cable. The recordings are linked to Talking Labels which can be fixed to reports, mindmaps, drawings, photographs, posters, toys... 

It is also a fun way for students to build confidence in storytelling and speaking. They can listen back to their own voices instantly and assess their progress. All recordable labels (over 2500 unique labels) are sold in sets: A,B,C,...H

Each set has a total of about 410 self adhesive recordable labels. Each label can have 60 minutes of recording.

75 g
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