Welcome to the World Baby

Welcome to the World Baby


All cultures celebrate the birth of a baby in different ways. When Tariq's baby-brother is born, his classmates take it in turns to tell each other how their families welcome a new baby into the world.

'Welcome to the World Baby' is a beautiful and sensitive exploration of different cultural and religious traditions associated with the birth of a baby. It offers a platform for discussing religious rituals and celebrations, diversity and multiculturalism, as well as being a useful resource for learning about the five senses.

Listen to the book in English and 22 other languages using our TalkingPENs. The soundspots on the pages make this an extra lovely gift for a family with a new baby, as you can record your own family's traditions and greetings on the pages with the pen!

N.B: 'Welcome to the World Baby' is about sharing traditions from all across the world, and introducing children to other cultures. We do not encourage you to introduce your own infant to these traditions without first consulting with a health-care professional in your own country to see what foods and items are recommended as safe for infants and toddlers. Please note that we do not recommend giving honey to a child under 12 months due to possible health risks.

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