Rafa's First Day

Rafa's First Day


Rafa loved to talk. Chatter chatter chatter, all day long.
He talked and talked about starting school: it wasn't long now.
When the day came, he was very excited and chatted away as he was getting ready.
The chatter didn't stop as he was walking to school.
But when he arrived, Rafa stopped talking.

He wasn't unhappy.
He liked his new friends, he loved building things and writing, but he just couldn't speak.
Find out what finally makes Rafa talk.

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Most teachers have come across a child with what can be called 'selective mutism'. They are children who just won't speak in certain situations, in spite of being physically able to do so. How do you make life easier for the child and his peers? "Why doesn't he speak?" is a question others often ask, and it is very important that the teacher gives a positive reply - "Because he is thinking," the teacher replies in the book. See the video on advice about how to work with selective mutism.

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Author: David Mills. David is a primary school teacher with over 20 years experience. He has written other books for Mantra Lingua: "Lima's Red Hot Chili Pepper", "The Wibbly Wobbly Tooth", and "Mei Ling's Hiccups".
Illustrator: Lizzie Finlay is a well-known, award-winning illustrator. She has also illustrated Mantra Lingua's "Buri and the Marrow".
David Mills
Lizzie Finlay
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Kurdish Sorani, school, induction, selective mutism
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