Yeh Hsien - a Chinese Cinderella

Yeh Hsien - a Chinese Cinderella


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This Cinderella story, originating from China, is the oldest known version of the famous fairy tale. Instead of a fairy godmother, a magical red fish grants Yeh-hsien her dearest wish – to go to the Spring Festival. When Yeh-hsien loses her slipper, the king searches all over the land, looking for the woman whose foot fits the tiny golden shoe…

Yeh-hsien is an excellent example of how traditional tales are often replicated across different languages and cultures. The story provides a platform for discussing the variations between legends from different parts of world, and for studying the fairy-tale tradition more widely.

Mantra Lingua's World Tales collection of dual language books breathes new life into a selection of well-loved tales from around the world. Lively illustrations, delightful rhymes and ingenious twists mean that children and adults alike will love rediscovering these modern adaptations of classic stories. The titles in this collection have been specifically chosen to provide scope for exploring moral themes and Citizenship topics relevant to children aged 5-11. For more advanced readers, this collection also serves as an excellent introduction to the story-telling tradition.

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